Tip #1

Fishing Tips For Kids
The most popular way to catch the pinks is to troll in the top 20 -50 feet of water with small pink or orange hootchies or spoons on 2 to 3 foot leaders behind revolving flashers.

Tip #2

Did you know all anglers are permitted to retain four (4) pink salmon per day if the fish exceeds a minimum length of 30cm (12 inches)?

All anglers are required to possess a personal tidal water sport fishing licence to fish coastal waters. Kids under 16 receive their licences free. A salmon conservation stamp ($6.42) is required by all anglers intending to fish and retain salmon in BC waters. Sponsors underwrite the salmon conservation stamps for all kids participating in the Pink Salmon Festival!

Tip #3

Catching & releasing salmon in good condition is vital to a sustainable fishery. Handle a hooked fish correctly, and statistics show there’s an 85% chance it will survive the experience. That means properly released salmon can continue on to their spawning grounds. And those stocks will continue producing more fish for many years to come.

Respect The Spine

First, you must fish with barbless hooks. They make the release much easier. When you hook a salmon, bring it in quickly. Protect the scales by using a soft mesh net. And even large salmon have vertebrae that separate when lifted clear out of the water. So, never hold one upside down by the tail.

To release, wet your hands first. Then cradle the fish’s body in the water with one hand and remove the hook while the fish is in the net. Once the fish is free, don’t “torpedo” it into the water. Just hold it by the tail until it wants to swim away.

Proper catch and release techniques protect our salmon. So practice them. Our salmon will appreciate the support.